Oral Exams & X-rays


An oral exam, commonly referred to as a dental checkup, is the process used by dentists to carefully review your oral health.  Oral exams typically involve the entire mouth, as a component of a first-time visit or a regular 6-month check-up.  Oral exams can also be used to identify a specific issue in one particular area of the mouth, such as pain, swelling, broken teeth, or other dental problems.

During periodic or comprehensive oral evaluations, your dentist will review your radiographs (X-rays), conduct a visual exam, and look for inflammation, bleeding, periodontal pockets, and calculus (build-up) around and under the gum line. He or she will check the outside and inside of your mouth, tongue, and other soft tissue, and will let you know if they see anything that may be a potential warning sign of oral cancer or other condition.  In some cases, your dentist may refer you to your physician for certain issues.

ABout dental x-rays

Our x-ray equipment is fully digital at all 1st Family Dental locations, which means that any radiation associated with these images is lower than with conventional (film) X-rays.  Humans are exposed to radiation of varying types and degrees during their lifetime – from airport and security screens, to sunshine, to home appliances.  Dental X-rays, when combined with our protective measures such as lead shielding, involve an extremely minimal exposure to radiation. We also follow best practice standards and only take dental X-rays when they are needed.  If you are concerned about dental X-rays, we encourage you to speak with your dentist for more information

Cost & Insurance for dental x-rays/exams

The cost of oral exams and X-rays vary and depend on multiple factors including frequency and type of x-ray needed.  Your dentist will review with you what type and frequency of X-rays and exams are needed to maintain your optimal oral health.

If you have dental insurance, your coverage often includes preventative care including regular exams and X-rays.  It is important to stay up to date with your insurance coverage.  Our staff are happy to review your coverage with you to ensure you are maximizing your insurance benefits while minimizing any out of pocket expenses.